Tony Kirby PR Services

Tony Kirby PR Ltd offers the full range of media services necessary to successfully promote national and international societies, conferences and journals to the press.

These include:

  • Detailed analysis of all parts of the program of a medical conference program, including orals and abstracts, to produce a list of topics with the best chances of media success
  • Writing press releases on these shortlisted topics, liaising with researchers concerned
  • Distributing these press releases worldwide. Throughout his career, Tony Kirby has built and continues to build a huge database of medical journalist contacts in top tier consumer and medical press. These include the BBC, the New York Times and hundreds of other outlets globally
  • Attending the medical conference and running the on-site media centre, if one is required, dealing with all the day-to-day concerns of those journalists physically attending the event
  • Organising press conferences on key issues/topics
  • Helping facilitate contact between journalists and researchers
  • Providing a coverage report, either in summary form or in a much more detailed format, as the client requires

Media Relations and Communications

Tony Kirby PR are experienced health and science media specialists. For more information get in touch today.