Selected Media Coverage

The examples included here are just some of the coverage obtained for the various meetings and journals Tony Kirby PR provides services for. They include BBC News, The New York Times, CNN, and UK national newspapers and websites. There are many other examples from other outlets, including medical press, and non-English speaking media outlets across Europe and beyond.

European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Annual Meeting, 2018

Type-2 diabetes signs ‘detectable years before diagnosis’

Diabetologia journal, September 2018

Pregnancy weight gain ‘going unmeasured’

European Congress on Obesity, 2018:

YouTube stars ‘might encourage kids to eat more calories’

Diabetologia journal, July 2017:

Drinking a few times a week linked to lower diabetes risk

Euroanaesthesia conference, 2017: Heart emergencies on planes need better treatment, say doctors

European Congress on Obesity, 2017:

Fat but fit is a big myth

European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Annual Meeting, 2016:

‘Youngest’ toddler with type 2 diabetes raises concern

Diabetologia journal, June 2015:

Pregnancy diabetes guidelines ‘could miss 4,000 women’

European Congress on Obesity, 2015:

WHO: Republic of Ireland ‘faces worst weight problem’

Euroanaesthesia Conference, 2014:

Men ‘feel more pain after major ops’

Diabetologia journal: World Service Health Check programme: October 2013:

Why some obese people are just as healthy as slimmer people

European Congress on Obesity, 2013:

Rise in obesity poses ‘dementia time bomb’

Children shun fictional ‘Fat Alfie’

Diabetologia journal, September 2018:

Excess Weight Gain or Loss During Pregnancy Tied to Child’s Heart Health

Diabetologia journal, August 2018:

Take a Vacation From Exercise? Your Body May Not Thank You

Diabetologia journal, February 2018:

High blood sugar levels tied to memory decline

Diabetologia journal, August 2017:

Moderate drinking tied to lower diabetes risk

European Obesity Summit 2016 (this was the name of the European Congress on Obesity for one year only)

The urgency in fighting childhood obesity

Euroanaesthesia conference 2018:

Patient remains awake for 90 minutes of CPR, doctor says

Diabetologia journal, July 2017:

Can frequent, moderate drinking ward off diabetes?

Euroanaesthesia conference 2017:

What happens if astronauts get sick in space?

Diabetologia journal, April 2017:

Diabetes, weight can combine to alter brain, study says

European Association for the Study of Diabetes Annual Meeting 2018:

Study finds people with type 2 diabetes at higher risk of death from both obesity-related and non-obesity related cancers

The Times

Daily Mail


Diabetologia journal September 2018:

Either too much or too little weight gain during pregnancy is associated with adverse outcomes in children aged 7 years

The Times

The Guardian

The Daily Mail

Euroanaesthesia meeting 2018:


Timing resuscitation compressions using the song ‘La Macarena’ or using a smartphone app improve compression quality


The Guardian

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Mail

European Congress on Obesity 2018:

The obesity paradox: large study finds people hospitalised for infections are twice as likely to survive if they are overweight or obese

The Guardian

The Independent

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