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Tony Kirby PR has been managing media and communications for a range of international medical conferences and journals since 2012, with articles regularly placed in top tier media outlets such as the BBC, the New York Times and CNN.

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Tony Kirby works closely with his experienced team to promote all aspects of conference and campaigns effectively to the press. Read on to find out more about the team.

Tony Kirby
Managing Director

Rachael Davies
Media Consultant

Andrew Barlow
Media Consultant

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Maximum media exposure for the medical science sectors


Tony fulfilled his responsibilities with diligence and enthusiasm. He built up a strong and respected reputation among health journalists. He met their needs and exceeded their expectations consistently.  I can thoroughly recommend Tony for any aspect of press and media relations management.

Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet

Tony always manages to choose a very interesting selection of materials and abstracts to write press releases on, making it much easier for us to cover these medical meetings and other projects which he is involved in.  I would certainly recommend his company to any international medical meeting looking to expand its media coverage.

Laura Tardon , Journalist, El Mundo, Spain

Tony Kirby PR has continued to supply AFP with pertinent and timely material about major medical conferences that are difficult for us to cover but of keen interest to our large client base worldwide. Tony’s story selection and writing is of a high standard, and I would recommend him to any medical conference or journal looking to improve its media output.

Marlowe Hood, Science, Health and Environment Correspondent, Agence France Press (AFP) News Agency

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